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About Us



Mission: To inspire unity and community building. 


About Tribe Apparel: At the core of each ‘Tribe’, you will find determined individuals who love their family and friends. These individuals understand the power of community building. Tribe Apparel has adapted its vision after the teachings of Jesus Christ. “Tribe” is about belonging to something greater than yourself; it is a body of people who seek to make a positive change. Jesus referred to his first “Tribe” as disciples, Jesus also calls like-minded believers the Body of Christ. Know that whether your community is a group, team, or generation you have the authority to define your “Tribe”. Your “Tribe” holds the autonomy to create ideas and manifest the change you wish to see. 


We all belong to a Tribe and every “Tribe” is unique and has its own meaning. At Tribe Apparel we ask you, what does your ‘Tribe’ look like? What does your ‘Tribe’ mean to you? 


About the CEO:  

Troy Paisley is the Founder and CEO of Tribe Apparel. Although Troy was born in Boston, MA, he spent his childhood and most of his teenage years in Jamaica. Troy has resided in NY since 2008. Mr. Paisley is a powerhouse, a multidimensional man who has an unshaken faith in God. His Humility sets him apart from many of his peers. Troy has always valued family, friends, and his community. It is his love that inspired the creation of Tribe Apparel. Troy believes that everyone has a ‘Tribe’, whether you connect with them for a season or a lifetime. Most, if not all who know Troy would describe him to be loving, trustworthy, and respectable. He often reminds us that every individual has their own interpretation, which distinguishes your Tribe from his. If you ask Troy, he will tell you Tribe represents what it means to be in a family, group, team, or clan.